Full Week of Footy – BPL Breakfast, Champions and Europa Line-Up March 11-16



Massive week of European football for all our footy fans! Here’s a listing of all the games we’ll be showing this week, including Champions League on Tuesday and Wednesday, Europa League on Thursday and Barclay’s Premier League on Saturday and Sunday – with a friendly reminder we are now open at 7am every Saturday and Sunday, so we show all early games, complete with a full breakfast menu available from 7am to 2pm! Please note that since North America changed it’s Daylight Savings time, we are now an extra hour off from European times!

TUESDAY MARCH 11 – Champions League

3:45pm – Bayern-Munich vs. Arsenal

3:45pm – Atletico Madrid vs. AC Milan

WEDNESDAY MARCH 12 – Champions League

3:45pm – Paris Saint-Germain vs. Bayer Leverkusen

3:45pm – Barcelona vs. Manchester City

THURSDAY MARCH 13 – Europa League

2:00pm – FC Porto vs. Napoli

2:00pm – FC Basel vs. FC Salzburg

4:00pm – Tottenham vs. Benfica

4:00pm – Juventus vs. ACF Fiorentina

SATURDAY MARCH 15 – Barclay’s Premier League

9:30am – Hull vs. Manchester City

10:30am – Sunderland vs. Crystal Palace

10:30am – Fulham vs. Newcastle

11:00am – Everton vs. Cardiff

1:00pm – Aston Villa vs. Chelsea

SUNDAY MARCH 16 – Barclay’s Premier League

9:30 am – Manchester United vs. Liverpool

12:00pm – Tottenham vs. Arsenal